TriMix Reversal 

Extended Erections & Erection Reversal

Trimix Reversal

Phenylephrine: Erection Reversal

  • Inject into your penis in the same method as Trimix ~ Directly into the cavernosa

          (Click HERE for instructions)

  • Use only when needed (after about 4 hours of sustained erection)

  • Waiting longer than this time range may negatively affect your results with Phenylephrine
  • Dose yourself with .5 ml (50 units on the syringe),  keep repeating every 5-10 minutes until the erection is lost

  • Using Phenylephrine "often" just to "knock down" your erection is not recommended and can result in other issues. 

Liquid Phenylephrine is especially recommended for those with any blood pressure or heart issues

Phenylephrine Reversal

Phenylephrine is a potent vasoconstrictor.  Inject 100-500 mcg <micrograms> (0.1 ml - 0.5 ml) into the penis cavernosa. Repeat every 5-10 minutes and/or up to  1,000 mcg (1 ml) until your erection is gone.


After injection, massage the penis (the corpora cavernosa) to facilitate drug distribution.

Lower volumes should be used in patients with severe cardiovascular disease

Trimix and Sudafed for Erection Reversal

Sudafed and Benadryl  can be used reduce a prolonged erection.  However

NOT Recommended for those with any blood pressure or heart issues (use Liquid Phenylephrine)

Memorial Sloan hospital instructs:  take 4 (30 mg) tablets of pseudoephedrine HCl (Sudafed) of the "Fast Acting" variety Only, not the  "Time Release":  via Memorial Sloan

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