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TriMix Reversal 

Extended Erections & Erection Reversal

Trimix Reversal

Phenylephrine: Erection Reversal

  • Use only when needed (after about 4 hours of sustained erection)

  • Not recommended: using Phenylephrine every time just to "knock down" your erection can result in other issues

  • Waiting longer than 4 hours may negatively affect your results with Phenylephrine

  • Dose yourself with .5 ml (50 units on the syringe),  keep repeating every 5-10 minutes until the erection is lost

  • Inject into your penis in the same method as Trimix

Liquid Phenylephrine is especially recommended for those with any blood pressure or heart issues

Phenylephrine Reversal

Phenylephrine is a potent vasoconstrictor.  Inject up to  0.5 ml into the penis cavernosa. Repeat every 5-10 minutes and/or up to  1,000 mcg (1 ml) until your erection is gone.

After injection, massage the penis (the corpora cavernosa) to facilitate drug distribution.

** Lower volumes should be used in patients with severe cardiovascular disease

Trimix and Sudafed for Erection Reversal

Sudafed and Benadryl  can be used reduce a prolonged erection.  However it is

NOT Recommended for those with any blood pressure or heart issues (use Liquid Phenylephrine)

Memorial Sloan hospital instructs:  take 4 (30 mg) tablets of pseudoephedrine HCl (Sudafed) of the "Fast Acting" variety Only, not the  "Time Release":  via Memorial Sloan

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