TriMix Injection Problems 

Trimix Injection Issues

Trimix Injection Issues

Because Trimix can be very strong, you can actually inject improperly and still gets results. Although the results are rather muted.

Remember, we are injecting a thin flimsy needle into a curved surface of tough dense connective tissue. It is easy to bend the needle, inject, and have the needle come back out straight.  A miss without even knowing.

Failed Injection Symptoms

Symptom:  Your results are dramatically different from last injection.

  •       If your results were fine last time but not today 

Symptom:  If your erections take too long to begin (10+ minutes)

  •       Longer times indicate the medication is being Absorbed into the cavernosa , Not Injected into it.     

  •       Typically Trimix beings to work in 3-5 minutes.   

              meaning , in 5 minutes or so,  you should have an erection ready for intercourse.

Symptom: Lumpiness on one side 

  •       Injecting between the cavervnosa wall and the skin or into the cavernosa wall itself very common

  •       You may still get an erection but not as firm or lasting as long as typical,

               because the Trimix was absorbed  into the cavernosum, not injected into it.


Injection issues :   the injection "Appears" to happen correctly but it does not. 

The Trimix is not being delivered into the cavernosum properly ( perhaps 90% of the time)


  •      Try a dramatically different injection site, far removed from the usual

  •      The one'o'clock position can be good as the surface is not typically as curved and the is skin thinner there.

  •      Review  Trimix Injection Best Practices

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Trimix Injection Best Practices

  1. Use a 1/2 inch length needle - it's needed to reach all the way Into the cavernosa

  2. Push needle completely flush to the skin

  3. Must use a 90 degree angle to avoid bending the needle.

  4. You are injecting at a right angle to a curved surface of dense connective tissue - it is easy to bend & miss without knowing.

  5. Point needle to the center, not up or down

  6. Alternate sides of injection to avoid scaring tissue

  7. Lay your penis flat out and fully extended (but soft)

  8. Avoid veins

  9. Target the area 1 inch up from the base between 1 to 3 o'clock ( or 9 to 11)

  10. Work the plunger a few times before filling syringe to insure it is not sticky

  11. Don't force the plunger. If it is really difficult to push, then you should start over making sure the needle is in properly

Trimix Injection Techniques ( How To )

Compliments of the Department of Urology, University of California, San Francisco

Filling the syringe,  Pull the plunger  down to the 1.0 cc mark (drawing in air) and then push the needle through the rubber stopper. Depress plunger, pushing the air into the vial before withdrawing the medication.

This makes withdrawing the medication easier by relieving an air vacuum

Where to Inject.     Aim for the Corpora Cavernosa (as shown)

                                    Avoid veins

                                    1 inch up from the base

                                    Angle to the Center     

Where to Inject Trimix

Penis Structure Cavernosa

Inject one inch up from the base - between   1 - 3  or  9 - 11 o'clock

Needle MUST be angled properly to the center of the penis as shown. 

Use a 1/2 inch long needle to reach all the way into the Corpora Cavernosa

Injection Sites.png

Q) What should I feel when I inject? 

A) As there are few nerve endings for pain in this area, there will probably be just a slight momentary discomfort. The needle should be pushed firmly until it is fully in the penis, slight resistance may be felt.


If a lot of resistance is felt on the plunger then the needle may be in too far or not far enough. Push it in further. If that does not work withdraw the needle and reinsert it in another suggested place. The plunger should depress quite easily. Do not inject if the resistance is strong.

Q) If I don't get any response to an injection can I follow up with another injection maybe to a different side of the penis and perhaps using a smaller dose? 

A) Not recommended, as the first injection may have punctured the urethra or other tissue. A second injection may cause more bleeding in the wrong area. The next time you inject (on another day) do it on the other side of the penis.

Q) What's the best way to hold the penis for the injections? 

A) Ideally you need a flat surface to inject (minimal wrinkles) you may wish to pull the penis to full length and let it relax and then inject.

Trimix Auto-Injectors

Also available are injectors that allow a user to press a pen-like device up to their skin,

press a button and it will automatically insert needle and medication for you.

Some users like this, some do not as one loses active control of pressure of the needle and to a degree the depth of the injection. 

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