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Traveling and TriMix  

Travel and Trimix

Traveling with Trimix by plane is often asked about

The following is a summary of excerpts obtained from (our preferred source of ED info)

The TSA agents are apparently accustomed to seeing medication on ice.

Some Best Practices

  • Place already frozen Trimix in a thermos with ice - or

  • Purchase an insulin travel container

  • Take the written prescription with you 

Excellent ideas: 

  • Laminate/clear-tape the script to keep it readable

  • Attach it to the cooler / pouch / travel container directly (keep a copy on yourself)



Some Products members have given positive feedback on

The travel pouch "FRIO" has gotten rave reviews.

Requires no ice or freezing, soak pouch in water, let dry, stays cool for a couple days
No electricity needed, never gets cold - but stays cool

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Voyager Travel Fridge for Insulin

TSA approved, Electrically charged, Very Cold


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Some Excerpts:

Taking Trimix to the Caribbean is no big deal. I fly to the Caribbean twice a year. Usually I just throw a small vial of the Trimix into a 12- or 16-ounce coffee thermos. I fill it with ice and away I go. When I first started this I pulled a TSA officer aside and explained the thermos, ice and medicine.

"No problem," he said. The thermos passed through the x-ray just fine and there were no further questions. Inside the thermos the temperature remains cold until I clear customs in the Dominican Republic or wherever in the Caribbean I'm traveling.

Sometimes I would just seal the thermos tight and just throw it into my checked baggage. Never had a problem with any TSA or Custom inspections. But I stopped doing that because I feared the one-in-a-million chance my bag might be lost or stolen. Then I'd be in the DR with no juice and no way to get any until I returned to the states. That obviously would be a bummer.


Also I have a Frio. It's a very small case made for keeping insulin cold as you travel. It's about the size of a wallet and there is no liquid inside. I like it a lot. Sometimes I use the Frio instead of the thermos.

The bottom line is don't even fret about taking your juice with you.

If you want added piece of mind regarding TSA or Customs take a copy of your prescription with you.


For travel via aircraft, I staple a small laminated copy (the prescription label) of my script to the pouch. TSA and customs inspectors regularly see diabetics and other people traveling with injectables, so they're not automatically alarmed at encountering syringes in luggage. But at least once, my attached label simplified and eased an encounter with a TSA guy.


I think having the prescription label attached to the syringe packet simplified the process and minimized the hassle.

I also sometimes use a small coffee thermos with ice to keep the juice cold. Never any problems with TSA, including sending the thermos with ice through the x-ray.


I have used the Frio many, many times with no problems. The Frio is really just a pouch with a small pocket to fit the trimix. You remove the pocket and soak it in water to activate some crystals that will keep the Trimix at an acceptable temperature for more than a day. The only problem with the Frio is that the Trimix won't seem cold to the touch of your fingers the way it would if you had it soaked in ice. However, I used the Frio once on a trip that lasted more than a week with no problems.

My favorite solution of the two is the thermos, however.

I have passed a thermos with Trimix and ice through airport x-ray machines with no problems. And just to make sure I checked with TSA before entering security. "No problem," the TSA agent said.

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