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Erectile Dysfunction Facts

15 million to 30 million  American men suffer from erectile dysfunction range according to the National Institute of Health

15+ million is a  BIG Club but, you don't have to be a member.

Rx Buyers Club gives you the ability to afford RX drugs on a regular basis, so you can enjoy life without ED

There is clear evidence that the occurrence of ED increases with age.

67% of 70 year old men are affected by ED.
39% of 40 year old men are affected by ED.
10% of all men are not able to achieve an erection at all

Know the difference

  • Erectile Dysfunction:        

  Erections won’t happen

  • Erectile Dissatisfaction

  Stiffness or ability to stay erect is lacking

ED - Erectile Dysfunction Stages

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Men's Sexual Health 

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Compounded substitutes are available for 


Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, Stendra, Viagra

             TriMix & QuadMix

TriMix is a mix of 3 ingredients which is injected directly into the penis. It "causes" an erection rather than "promote" an erection.

(Often prescribed for those who cannot take one of the oral meds)

 More Here on TriMix

(Ask your Doctor if a compounded substitute is possible for you)

ED is caused by physical factors

ED is caused by physical factors in 90% of the cases

Diseases accounts for about 70% 


Cholestrol Problems

Hardening of Arteries

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure

Chronic Alcoholism

Kidney Disease


Psycholgical Problems

(Anger | Stress}

Prostate Surgery

Radiation Therapy

Spinal Injury

Multiple Sclerosis

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