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Customer Service Counselor  Full-Part Time

  • Perfect for Semi Retired

  • Leverage your life experiences and interpersonal skills

  • Part time flexibility

  • Work from home after training

Who We are:

  • We are a buyers club for men’s Prescription E.D. (erectile dysfunction) products.  

         This includes Viagra, Cialis and especially Trimix type injectables.

  • We provide a one stop place to get both E.D. Telemed Prescriptions and access to a U.S. Pharmacy with our preferred pricing

  • Additionally, RBC provides industry leading E.D. counseling on Trimix and other injectables.



Customer Service Counselors assist our members in ordering medications.

  • Counsel members in formula selection (training provided)

  • Order creation, order submission and tracking

  • Order Exceptions management (CC denials, RX differences, Refills required,…)

  • Communicate RX fulfillment expectations to patient

  • Communicate RX status changes

  • Provide Superior friendly customer service


  • Excellent phone demeanor


  • Ability to address a sensitive topic professionally and quickly put others at ease

Our typical members are over 50 yrs  of age,  ease of communicating in that age range is mandatory ( your extensive life skills are a plus in this regard)

  • Extensive in depth education on Trimix Best Practices provided

You'll be required to learn what it is, how it works, formula selection guidelines. practical risks involved, how to administer, administration pit falls/issues, storage, etc … 


  • A compassionate, courteous, people serving attitude

We sit in between two Health care providers with different systems, processes and people. Patience, flexibility and a courteous disposition can help smooth over any rough spots that occur.


  • A moderate degree of computers skills (no training for beginning skills )


After training  you will work from home, so you will need to provide your own "up to date" computer system to work from. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Hours:        Part time,  Daily , 1/2 day Weekend shifts

Location:   Dallas, Tx (White Rock Lake area); work from home after training
Work           Status: US Citizen

Compensation: Hourly Rate: $15-20/hr, plus bonuses based on revenue,  Insurance not provided



I’ve found this to be a rather easy but most interesting role that offers the ability to help others in a very significant way. I've received many “thank you's” to that effect. Literally messages like "saved our marriage" or"saved our relationship".  We have provided hope and delivered on it, when most all else has failed. In short, it can be Very Rewarding!

If this inspires & motivates, you will love this position

Please submit your resume to:

Buyers Club for

Men's Sexual Health

TriMix, Quadmix, Bimix, Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis)

TeleMed Prescriptions  & Delivery in all 50 States  

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