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Trimix Storage Best Practices

Keep Refrigerated. It begins to lose it's potency after 6-8 weeks. .

Storing frozen, it is considered stable for up to 6-9 months months . After which it begins  to lose potency. 

Thawing & Freezing repeatedly is not recommended. Cycling often between frozen and liquid form can degrade it's stability and potency.

Thawing in water in Not Recommended

Best Thawing Practice

Rubbing between your palms and shaking to break up the ice will thaw a vial in about 3-5 minutes without risking excess heat exposure

Additionally others have approached this by:

  •  Buying sterile vials online and putting some in them and freezing the difference.    

  •  Putting some pre-measured syringes in the refrigerator and freezing the difference

Also  purchasing in larger 10ml vials and then storing, provides for significant quantity discount & shipping savings

Does the medication lose potency over time even if stored correctly? Yes

  • After 60-90 days in a refrigerator  it will Begin to lose it's strength

  • Frozen it lasts for six months (or more) 

  • Also cycling between freezing and thawing may degrades it's strength

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Overnight Delivery in All 50 states

Call Now -  972 737 8227

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