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TriMix Storage  

Trimix Storage

Keep Refrigerated. It begins to lose it's potency after 6-8 weeks. .

Storing frozen, membership reports having stored Trimix frozen 6-9 months after which it began to lose potency. 

How you thaw matters. Recommended: Rubbing between your palms and shaking to completely thaw the ice - the entire vial will thaw in about 3-5 minutes without risking excess heat exposure


Thawing & Freezing repeatedly is not recommended. Cycling often between frozen and liquid form may degrade it's stability and potency.

Thawing in water is Not Recommended

Other Storage Best Practices

1) Putting some pre-measured syringes in the refrigerator and freezing the difference (however the syringe plastic does not freeze well) 

2) Buying sterile vials online and refrigerating some of them and freezing the difference.  

(Also purchasing in larger 10ml vials and then storing, provides for significant quantity discount & shipping savings)

Does the medication lose potency over time even if stored correctly? Yes

  • It will begin to lose it's strength after 60-90 days in a refrigerator  

  • Frozen it can last for six months (or more) 

Caution Advisory | Contamination Possibilities

The following indicates contamination of your injectable medication

(Trimix, Quadmix, Bimix, etc...) and Should Not be Used 

  • Medication with anything floating in the vial

  • Medication that is has discoloration, should be clear

Usage of contaminated medication can be very harmful!

Do not use.

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