Why use RDT's

disintegrate or dissolve rapidly in the mouth without chewing or water.

RTD's provide an advantage particularly for pediatric and geriatric populations who have difficulty in swallowing conventional tablets and capsules.


Advantages to using RDT's or FDT's :


  • No water needed    

  • No chewing needed

  • Improved stability

  • Some find it a pleasing mouth feel.    

  • Cost- effective    

  • Rapid dissolution and absorption of drug, which may produce rapid onset of action.    

  • Exhibit low sensitivity to environmental condition as humidity and temperature.    

  • Ease of administration to patients who refuse to swallow a tablet, such as pediatric and geriatric patients and psychiatric patients.    

  • Pregastric absorption can result in improved bioavailability and as a result of reduced dosage, improved clinical performance through a reduction.    

  • Ability to provide advantages of liquid medication in the form of solid preparation    


  • Some dislike the mouth feeling

  • Fast dissolving tablet is hygroscopic in nature so must be keep in dry place.

  • Fragile, effervescence granules property

  • FDT requires special packaging for properly stabilization & safety of stable product

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