Why use Troche's

(Pronouncd  Tro-Kees)

Sublingual medication is to be administered under the tongue where it will be absorbed systemically into the bloodstream through the mucous membrane. Sublingual medications include:


  • Sublingual drops

  • Troches, which are a small tablet or lozenge

  • Solutions


There are several advantages to using sublingual administration:

  • More Rapid Absorption: The on-set of action will be faster due to direct administration

  • More active ingredient available: To bypass liver metabolism (first-pass metabolism)

  • Ease delivery for those who have trouble swallowing pills

  • Less Stomach Upset: To bypass gastrointestinal degradation from stomach acid

  • Easier Custom Dosing and "Pill" Splitting

  • The convenience of not having to take it with water

Also some researchers believe that sublingual administration may allow men to get results with a lower dosage than when the tablet is swallowed whole.

Troche’s:   Compounded Sublingual Medication

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Studies on Sublingual Viagra

The website of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides access to information from peer-reviewed studies on sublingual administration of sildenafil. 

One study, which was conducted in the Urology Division of the Ospedale De Lellis in Italy, was a six-month comparison of men taking Viagra as intended (swallowed whole) for three months, followed by three months of taking Viagra that had been crushed into a powder by placing it in the mouth under the tongue.

The result was that the time it took for the sublingual drug to be effective was basically cut in half: 62.8 minutes for Viagra swallowed whole vs. 29.3 minutes for crushed Viagra placed under the tongue.

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