TriMix Injecting
Techniques & FAQ's

Trimix Injection Best Practices

  1. Use a 1/2 inch length needle - it's needed to reach all the way Into the cavernosa

  2. Push needle completely flush to the skin

  3. Must use a 90 degree angle to avoid bending the needle.

  4. You are injecting at a right angle to a curved surface of dense connective tissue - it is easy to bend & miss without knowing.

  5. Point needle to the center, not up or down

  6. Alternate sides of injection to avoid scaring tissue

  7. Lay your penis flat out and fully extended (but soft)

  8. Avoid veins

  9. Target the area 1 inch up from the base between 1 to 3 o'clock ( or 9 to 11)

  10. Work the plunger a few times before filling syringe to insure it is not sticky

  11. Don't force the plunger. If it is really difficult to push, then you should start over making sure the needle is in properly

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Trimix ~  Where to Inject

Aim for the Corpora Cavernosa (as shown)

Avoid veins

1 inch up from the base

Angle to the Center     

Inject one inch up from the base - between   1 - 3  or  9 - 11 o'clock

Needle MUST be angled properly to the center of the penis as shown. 

Use a 1/2 inch long needle to reach all the way into the Corpora Cavernosa

Penis Structure Cavernosa

Where to Inject Trimix
Angle  90 degrees

Compliments of the Department of Urology, University of California, San Francisco

Injection Sites.png

Trimix ~ How to Inject

Filling the syringe:  Remove the air vacuum. - Pull the plunger down to the .15 cc mark (14 units) drawing in air and then push the needle through the rubber stopper. Depress plunger, pushing the air into the vial before withdrawing the medication. This makes withdrawing the medication easier.

Injection Target Site:  Inject one inch up from the base - between   1 - 3  or  9 - 11 o'clock

    1 o'clock works well as it is generally flatter on top and less likely to bend a needle

Needle MUST be angled properly to the center of the penis as shown. 

    Remember, we are injecting a thin flimsy needle into a curved surface of tough dense connective tissue.

    It is easy to bend the insert needle, bend it, inject ( but not into the cavernosa!) , and have the needle

    come back out straight. A miss without even knowing. 

Use a 1/2 inch long needle to reach all the way into the Corpora Cavernosa 

Smooth out wrinkles by stretching penis gently and releasing so the skin is relaxed (not taught)

Push needle completely flush to the skin

If a lot of resistance is felt on the plunger then the needle, you should withdraw needle to a place where the plunger should depress quite easily. Do not inject if the resistance is strong.

If you don't get any response to an injection in 3-10 minutes - after that it is likely you did not inject directly into  the cavernosa. Instead injecting into the cavernosa wall or between the cavernosa and the skin. Possibly into scar tissue. Done properly it take 3-5 minutes to be ready.   Refer to HERE for Trimix Injection Issues (new window)

Trimix Auto-Injectors

Also available are injectors that allow a user to press a pen-like device up to their skin,

press a button and it will automatically insert needle and medication for you.

Some users like this, some do not as one loses active control of pressure of the needle and to a degree the depth of the injection. 

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