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From Leigh Ann Grasso, PharmD, of Annie’s Apothecary in Boerne, Texas

Below is a patient testimonial we received after providing the following compounded prescription: flurbiprofen 10%/ketamine 10%/gabapentin 6%/cyclobenzaprine 2%/bupivicaine 1% in PCCA Anhydrous Lipoderm®. The patient was directed to apply 1-3 grams three times daily for pain:

“I’m a 64-year-old wood craftsman who has been in the construction industry and fine furniture business long enough to know a thing or two about working with old injuries. I have many aches and pains that I manage on a daily basis; I often have neck, elbow and back pain, but it’s endurable. I have an old knee problem that I’m awaiting surgery for. And the pain has been getting worse – swelling and hurting enough to make me wince.

I did as I was instructed with the medication – I applied three grams to my right knee and rubbed it in well, but gently. Within four or five minutes, I noticed that the entire affected area felt cooler. I continued doing my chores and tasks at my wood shop. Within a few more minutes, I noticed that I was able to walk around and go up a flight of stairs without my usual expectation of pain. After 30 or 45 minutes had gone by, I felt as if the swelling had gone down, and I was working at my usual shop pace. About three or four hours later, I went to apply a second dose and was pleasantly surprised to see that my knee appeared to look less swollen and felt less stiff. In the evening, my leg felt less stiff lasting throughout the night, so I was able to sleep without any discomfort. On the second day, I applied the medication twice and had the same results; my knee felt cooler and less stiff. I was able to work the entire day doing my usual shop chores. On the third day, I applied the medication in the morning because the swelling had returned. I felt relief within five to 15 minutes and worked in the shop all day. On the fourth day, I only had to apply the medication in the morning. And on the fifth day, I applied the medication in the morning and didn’t have to apply it again in the afternoon. Now the swelling and pain are gone!” (Source: PCCA Apothagram, January 2014)

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