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From Steven Branch, RPh, of Central Drug in Victoria, Texas

One of my favorite stories is about a five-year-old autistic boy who we helped. His mom came in the store frantic, asking for help, because he would not take his medicine. It was a fight each and every day for her.I asked her what his main challenge was with taking the medicine, and she said texture and taste. Things have to have a certain feel in his mouth, and he likes lemon flavor – but just the right lemon flavor. So Jenny, my tech, and I went to work. It took several tries. I sat on the floor where I could be at eye level with him as we tried different versions. I cannot explain the feeling that came over me when we got it right. His whole demeanor immediately changed. His face brightened, his eyes sparkled and he just looked at me with this huge smile. It was great, and it still makes me cry five years later. (Source: PCCA Apothagram, March 2015)


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